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What Is A Vendor

So it's your first time starting a business but you have no idea where to start or what a vendor is... That's okay sis, we got you!

Let's talk about it. 

What Is A Vendor? 

A vendor manufactures and supplies inventory and stock items and sells merchandise at a wholesale price. So how does this benefit you? Well as an upcoming business owner, this makes it easier for entrepreneurs to buy and resell various of different products in their business to make a profit. This can include popular products such as hair, clothing, lashes and cosmetics.

Understanding Wholesale

For example, rather than paying for hundreds of dollars on bundles for a high price, if your passion is to start a hair business, hair vendors produce and offer the same products you see in hair stores for less at a wholesale price! You can buy in bulk and get the product in large quantities for a much cheaper price then what it is originally. This allows business owners and upcoming entrepreneurs to stock and restock on inventory from the vendor for their business.

 How To Find The Right Vendor

Finding the right vendor may vary for everyone as it includes your own business needs and preferences. What you may be looking for may be something someone else is not looking for. To know how to find the right vendor for you, ask yourself, what am I personally looking for? Are you running a clothing boutique? Lash line? Cosmetics? Etc.. Once you know what type of business you want to run, get a vendor that can specially manufacture that product and meet your needs. With every vendor you come in contact, it's always best to start off with sampling first! Don't go full speed into buying bulk sis! Save your time and money because you may come across another vendor that has better prices and quality than the other! 

So In Conclusion..

Now you have a basic understanding of what a vendor is and how they work, it's time to invest in yourself sis! Yes! No more holding back! We're making all money moves this year. Get a head start on supplying your business with all the resources we've have provided and made just for you! Start your business today with the help of over 350+ vendors to choose from in our best selling ultimate full package!

What are you waiting on sis? It's time to get the bag.

Thank you for reading and all the best, 



  • This information was extremely beneficial to me. A lot of this information I didn’t know. Thank you so very much and keep up the good work love ‼️💛

  • This information was extremely beneficial to me. A lot of this information I didn’t know. Thank you so very much and keep up the good work love ‼️💛

  • This helped me so much and actually made me less nervous about expanding my business. I am 17 and just started selling lipgloss @life.with_erica and a lot of people talked about vendors but I didn’t understand because I made make my glosses myself and didn’t really know what vendors are for until now reading this so I will definitely go with my goal to start to sell lashes as well and remember the line “invest in yourself sis” this was amazing 💓

    Erica Brandwein

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